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This Podcast Is... Uncalled For

Oct 30, 2023

When you are astonished by how many feature films your guest has already done.

From our Virtual Fringe episode with Patrick Poe

Oct 27, 2023

Carl Fletcher is the latest Shawnee Mission West alum to join us on the podcast, calling in from southern Oregon.  Carl (aka Big C) was on the football team with Mike and was the first guest on the podcast to play on Mike's Ski Dogs intramural basketball team.  Here Mike and Carl catch up and talk about life.

Oct 23, 2023

When you want to talk with your guest about martial arts and the style you choose to talk about more closely resembles dancing than fighting.


From our Virtual Fringe episode with Dan Handley

Oct 16, 2023

When you join the US Navy in the Delayed Entry Program and the recruiters tell you what NOT to do on Thanksgiving.


From our most downloaded episode, Stories That Would Otherwise Be Left Untold

Oct 13, 2023

We're actually not being blasphemous with today's episode.  Today's guest goes by God.  He is a local rapper and filmmaker with a lot to say.