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This Podcast Is... Uncalled For

Jul 18, 2024

Another bonus song!  Created on

This song was specifically created for our 2024 KC Fringe program - and will also be used for "Fringe adjacent" episodes.

Jul 12, 2024

Our AI generated theme song, courtesy of

Jul 5, 2024

Because James Thurber's work is still in the public domain, we broke our promise to not use AI and... used it to write this short story.

Jul 1, 2024

Our first preview for our program at the KC Fringe Festival!

For tickets:

Program Information:

Venue: Independence Boulevard Christian Church, 606 Gladstone Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64124

Show Times and Scheduled to Appear:

Saturday, July 20 at 10:30...

Jun 28, 2024

This is Mike's response to the failed stadium vote in early April 2024.