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This Podcast Is... Uncalled For

Apr 29, 2024

When you and your buddies do a This-or-That style game and you bend the rules - and you're drunk.

From our first episode with Lucas Stoneking and Daniel Rains

Apr 26, 2024

Mike had the privilege of first joining Brody's podcast - Fandoms with Brody Otway - to talk about being a Trekkie.  Brody returned the favor and this episode of the podcast is the result.

Apr 24, 2024

We have a Bonus episode.  Because our intrepid host and producer got into a minor car accident and narrowly avoided two others - in the same day!  And he has some thoughts on that.

Apr 22, 2024

When your instructor coworker tells you the story of how he got started playing chess.

From our episode with DaVaun Williams

Apr 19, 2024

Once again, we cater to the Swifties.  We react to a Today Show article about our city and, for the second time in our podcast's run, give you some details that may be missing.